About Us

I am a bird hobbyist since 1995 and now it’s more than 20 years in this field I came across various breeds of birds and animals. I am Interested in watching the behavior of birds and their breeding nature closely. I love to breed birds and enjoy the moment when I get new chicks very much like anything. Also interested in Aquarium Fishes and was breeding my favorite fish varieties. And now get into the engineering field from the year 2003. Several times when I lost few eggs and chicks due to parents rejecting them or some other unknown reasons, I thought to find out some alternate way to save those wonderful creatures of our Mother Nature.

So at first I decided to make an own incubator cum brooder for saving the life of birds. Followed by that attempt and success, many products related to hand feeding like Crop feeding needles and spoons I have made on my own and introduced to my friends. Then gradually I have started to supply those products commercially as per the market demand. Now we are pioneers in this Aviculture industry in supplying the accessories. Still we are researching and introducing many more new products with innovative ideas.